Why is Detail Spray such a big deal?

Detail Spray has become a hot commodity for the auto detailing industry in the last few years. So much so, that you can find hundreds of different formulas with spray sealant, waterless wash concentrates, spray wax, water spot remover, and other added protectants. So which one is best? Can a Detail Spray really accomplish all of these things?

Yes, a Detail Spray can both clean and protect. 

Liquid X Detail Spray is a dynamic formula that helps you accomplish multiple goals at once. This one step product will remove water spots, finger prints and dust, while also leaving a protective layer behind so cleaning gets easier with every use. Now you don't have to compromise between a quick detailer and a sealant. 

So what makes Liquid X Detail Spray so special? 

You'll find a lot of other brands claiming to provide a Detail Spray capable of cleaning and protecting.However, the ratios and dilution are what play the biggest part, yet are most often overlooked. Our formulas are not watered down or diluted in any way. On the contrary, we ramped up our formulas with more dirt trapping agents and a higher concentration of silicone based sealant. You'll see the difference when it only takes one wipe of Liquid X Detail Spray to remove dirt and leave a high gloss finish without leaving any streaks behind. Other sprays force you to work it into the surface, wiping back and forth until the watered down formula is absorbed. We've also designed a cutting-edge tool to take this product even further. Our Xtreme Waffle Towels are a cross between a deluxe, plush microfiber and an ultra-absorbing waffle weave, allowing you to achieve incredible results in half the time. 

Don't settle for a diluted, over-marketed product.

Most companies out there will throw up a smoke screen with a big sales pitch. At Liquid X, we'd rather let our quality products do the talking. We left the water out and packed in as much of our quality ingredients as possible. This allows you to utilize our spray after a quick dry when your vehicle is still wet. Even residual water from your wash won't dilute this hard-working, concentrated liquid. 

What qualifies us to make a top-of-the-line Detail Spray?

We started out in the auto paint and body industry over 30 years ago, testing an insane amount of detailing products along the way. We were never fully impressed with a spray detailer, so we decided to create our own. Our team formulated a custom combination of chemicals to safely lift dirt and provide the best shine in the business. Then we tested and tweaked. And tested again, and again and again. This product didn't release for over 2 years because we wanted to be so sure we got it right. It's not Liquid X until its perfect and you're immediately impressed.

This best seller won't streak and wipes off like butter, finishing with a superior glossy shine. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you'll find your car is protected from the dust and water spots that would normally follow. Our specialized sealant creates a barrier between your paint and the elements, repelling dust and water spots to make your life easier, because hey, that's our job.

Try any of our products with confidence. Check out our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Have any questions on using this product? Comment below for help from our team! 

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