Have you noticed your vehicles surface feeling a bit rough lately? Can you still feel that gritty texture when you slide your hand across the paint even after you just spent hours washing and detailing? Luckily this problem is only temporary! With a few easy steps, you can quickly fix this issue to make your paint feel slick as glass again. The roughness you are feeling accrues over time as contaminants from the environment collect and sit on the surface. These contaminants then bond to your vehicles surface making it a feel like a worn out piece of sandpaper. Ok, maybe not that bad, but you get the point, right?

Liquid X Clay towel clay bar alternative removes overspray

That rough feeling is not only an annoyance but it makes applying a protective layer such as our Better Butter Wax or Shock Ceramic Spray less effective and it also decreases its durability. Think about it this way: when you apply paint to a surface it needs to be free from any dirt or grime before doing so because if not, the paint will fail sooner and will not bond properly due to the grime underneath. The same principle goes for protective layers.  If you don’t have a clean, smooth surface the protective layer will not be able to bond to the surface properly. This is why it is critical that you clay the surface before applying any sort of wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. Preparation is the key to success and you will get the most performance and longevity out of the product by doing so.

Liquid X Clay Mitt clay bar alternative detailing accessories detail spray clay towel

Claying a car has been a common step in detailing, and for good reason. The clay acts as a super picker upper for all those harmful contaminants that a regular wash will not remove. Clay is a non-abrasive material made up of a resin that will not harm your paint or glass. Clay bars have traditionally been used, however, they are very finicky, sticky, and must be reshaped continuously or thrown away if dropped on the ground. They also have very little surface area so it takes a long time to finish the entire car with a 1-2 inch piece. Who wouldn’t rather work smarter, not harder?! 

That’s where a clay mitt or clay towel steps in. Our Liquid X Clay Mitt and Clay Towel provide the same performance and results as a traditional clay bar, but with less hassle and much less time. Our towel and mitt both provide larger working surfaces and utilize a polymerized rubber technology. If you drop the towel on accident, no problem, just wash it off with pressurized water and you’re good to go again. Oh, and our favorite part is, they last way longer than a clay bar! The Liquid X Clay Mitt will last 20 full cars, while the Clay Towel will last you 50 full cars! Not too shabby. Make sure to always use a lubricant, like Liquid X Detail Spray with any clay products.

After you've finished claying, don't forget to add a protective layer so all your hard work doesn't go to waste! Liquid X Better Butter Wax and Shock Ceramic Spray both provide excellent protective benefts. Get everything you need with one of our clay towel or clay mitt kits: Ultimate Clay & Ceramic KitEasier Than Ever Paint Rescue KitClay Towel Detail Combo, or the Basic Clay & Ceramic Bundle

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