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Liquid X Large Professional Wash Pad 9" x 9"

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Liquid X Large Professional Wash Pad 9" x 9"

This easy gripping wash pad makes washing your car a breeze! Liquid X Wash Pad contains a thick blend of durable synthetic wool, which is more durable and will stay soft through numerous washes. Other wash pads may contain traditional lambs wool, which sheds and only lasts a few washes. Our soft fibers offer superior water absorption to help loosen and lift dirt and grime from the surface without scratching.  

The scratch-resistant synthetic fibers give a super soft feel that is also very durable for longer and more efficient use. Our thick wash pad is extremely absorbent and can hold over 4 times it's weight in water. As it glides across the surface, dirt and grime are gently lifted from the surface and trapped within the wool, preventing scratches. Our wash pad holds more soapy water, reducing the amount of times you need to dunk your wash pad into the bucket, making for a faster car washing experience.

  • Scratch free washing 
  • Large 9" x 9" size 
  • Soft synthetic wool 
  • Durable and efficient 

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