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Liquid X Renew HDO Medium Cutting Pad 6.5" - Orange

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Product Code: LX25010

Liquid X Renew HDO Medium Cutting Pad 6.5" - Orange

Liquid X Medium Cutting Pad offers quick cutting power for faster results. It has been designed to cut through minor scratches, swirls, water spots, and oxidation to restore the original luster of your vehicle's finish. Our easy to use medium cutting pad offers a multi-density foam design with a unique cooling chamber that minimizes heat buildup, preventing the center of the pad from concaving. The HDO Dual Density design ensures increased stability and optimum surface contact. 

Medium cutting capabilities allow for quick correction of minor defects, yet is gentle enough to be used on delicate surfaces. As it cuts through scratches and swirls, your paint is left with enhanced depth and gloss. Hook & Loop attachment makes removal and re-attachment quick and easy! Achieve professional results in less time with minimal effort when paired with Liquid X Renew Medium Correcting Compound. 

  • HDO Dual Density design
  • Quickly removes minor defects and oxidation
  • Cooling Chamber minimizes heat build up 
  • Pair with Liquid X Renew Medium Correcting Compound
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