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Liquid X Wash & Protect Foam Gun Bucket Kit

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Product Code: LX30707

Liquid X Wash & Protect Foam Gun Bucket Kit

Complete with everything you need to wash, decontaminate and protect your vehicle! Wash down your car easier and more effectively than ever with our Foam Gun. Decontaminate the surface with our Liquid X Clay Towel paired with our Detail Spray for lubrication. Remove paint overspray, brake dust, fresh tree sap, animal droppings, and other embedded contaminants to bring your vehicle's paint back to it's original feel and look. Complete your detail with our Liquid X Ceramic Spray that will leave your paint with a deep, rich look while also adding 9 months of protection!

What's Included?

  • Liquid X Foam Gun
  • 16oz Car Shampoo 
  • Wash Mitt
  • 16oz Detail Spray 
  • 2 Green Xtreme Plush Waffle Weave Towels
  • 16oz Ceramic Spray 
  • 1 Purple Xtreme Plush Waffle Weave Towel 
  • 1 Plush Gray Microfiber Applicator 
  • Fine Grade Clay Mitt
  • 4.25Gal Liquid X Bucket
  • Gamma Seal Lid
  • Grit Guard

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